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[Emergency Announcement: Poster New Star Award is extended to 11/18]


Hello, everyone~

Thank you for your enthusiastic registration, we have received your enthusiasm!


However, after considering the correction period, the poster will be postponed to 11/18 (day) after the resolution of the host team, so that everyone has more time to prepare~



International Taiwan Postar 2018 starts submitting! The poster design new star is you!


Love reflects one’s inner color of embracing everything and broad mind of respecting various opinions. As within, so without. Love endues one with the mercy for loving others as yourself, the wisdom of humility and empathy, and the internalization of peace and harmony.


The designated theme of International Taiwan Postar 2018 is “Love. Peace”, TPDA will invite 50 well-known designers to design posters with the topic “Love. Peace”, also will hold an international symposium, and the submission is open to all of the world. The highest prize of this competition is NT$30,000! Welcome to get this opportunity to send your entry!


In order to improve the poster design abilities of Taiwanese students, TPDA (Taiwan Poster Design Association) has actuated “Taiwan Postar” since 2008. In 2018, the competition is implemented by Kun Shan University, also adjusted the submission qualification to international students, redefine the competition to “International Taiwan Postar” to provide a stage lets students show their design creativity, furthering the international design vision.

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